Women’s Golf League

After World War II the prizes in the tournaments, women’s professional golf barely suffices to cover expenses. Today, international female stars can very well get fame and money, although the amounts do not match those of their colleagues of the opposite sex.

The presence of women in golf clubs dates back to the mid-19th century when this game began to be practiced among the idle ladies of high society, although with very particular rules. Raising the stick above the shoulder height was considered to be unobtrusive, and the attire used significantly limited movement. This consisted of a full skirt attached to the leg above the ankle with elastic bands.

In 1894, a group of women founded their club with a seven-hole field in Morristown, New Jersey. Thus, it would only take a few years for the first professional American women golf professionals to live up to their British equivalents. The first British golf superstar woman was Charlotte Cecilia Pitcairn Leitch, who reached the semi-finals of the women’s Amateur Tournament at the age of 17. From 1914 he shortened his name to Cecil Leitch and continued to play, winning 12 titles in England, France, and Canada.

With her flat and robust swing, she dominated the female game until she was defeated by Joyce Withered, who, on the contrary, had an elegant and stylish set. Withered was such a good player that she won eight titles in four years, before retiring from the world of competition in 1925. Four years later he returned to win for the fourth and last time the women’s Championship.

LPGA stands for the Ladies Professional Golf Association, an American Organization for professional women golfers. Have its headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida? It is known as the LPGA Tour and consists of a series of tournaments for the best exponents of the sport. The calendario1 of the tour is played from February to November of each year. In 2008, the LPGA Tour cash prizes exceeded $ 58 million.

There are other women’s tours around the world, such as the Ladies European Tour, but the American organization is the largest and best known. The LPGA also has women’s clubs and professional golf courses. This is a difference with its male counterpart, the PGA Tour, which since 1960 separated from the PGA organization, which is only responsible for organizing the professional tour.

The LPGA was founded in 1950 by a group of 13 women, including Babe Zaharias. It is the oldest professional women’s sports organization in the United States.23 Michael Whan is the current LPGA commissioner.

Currently, the best golfer in the world is Taiwanese Yani Tseng, who recently became the youngest golfer (male or female) to win four Grand Slam tournaments after her victory in the LPGA Championship.

International Women’s golfer Day is celebrated for the second consecutive year at the National Golf Centre and is being reinvented. For this year’s call, which will be on June 6, a tournament will be held within the framework of the Copa Communication and Empress events.

It is a competition for women in which prizes will be distributed to the top three classified in a single category. To make the event more attractive, particular “nearest ball” competitions have also been established in all holes par 3 and with the possibility of getting a Hyundai i10 if you get a hole in 1 in the 17th hole. Registrations for participation are already open for € 40, including a prize-giving cocktail and a half-way snack.

The day will be held in clubs around the world that want to wink at women who play this mostly male sport. It is designed for both low handicap players and beginners and will feature parallel actions to tournaments such as golf clinics.