Golf Hall of Fame

The World Golf Hall of Fame is an organization formed to immortalize men and women who have promoted the development of golf. It has the mission to recognize the contributions of outstanding golfers and, at the same time, inspire other golfers and fans of this beautiful sport around the world.

Is located in St. Augustine, Florida, United States, and is characterized by being the only Sports Hall of Fame that does not discriminate between sexes, including more than a hundred men and women, from the five continents, recognized in this discipline.

It operates non-profit under the administration of a consortium of 26 golf organizations based in various parts of the world. Its members celebrate this sport and care for the legacy of those who have earned the honor of discipline.


The history of the Hall of Fame in the Golf World dating back to 1974 in Pinehurst, North Carolina. There he opened his doors with the management of the company Diamondhead Corp. with only 13 members; it included 71 members during its operation.

Subsequently, USPGA took full control of this hall in 1986. For the establishment of the World Golf Hall of Fame, as is now known, two other golf-related bodies joined together.

On the one hand, there was a club created by the USPGA in 1940 and, on the other, the women’s Golf Hall of Fame that began its activities in 1951 with the impetus of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA).

The World Golf Foundation, a non-profit organization, was also a significant player, driven by the global golf industry and launched in 1994. The foundation aimed to improve the Hall of Fame, and to that end, it laid out its plans.

Current headquarters

Logotype of the Hall of Fame of the Golf I. the 19 of May of 1998 became the date in which it opened the current office of the Hall of Fame of World Golf, located in St. Augustine, Florida. The inaugural event was attended by some of the members of the first class, who welcomed the new litter of sports luminaries.

Its facilities operate within the World Golf Village Resort. This infrastructure has a shopping center, movie theaters, golf course, and an interactive platform with artifacts, artwork, audio, video, and photographs illustrating the most extraordinary stories of golf.

Tourism with passion

The World Golf Hall of Fame has positioned itself as a tourist destination that attracts golfers and fans from all over the world. In an atmosphere of rejoicing, you can enjoy the stories of the Legends of this sport, as well as exhibition rooms that show the most famous Champions.

The living room is strolling through the whole history of golf. It tells of its start in Scotland and says of the entire process of global expansion. Visitors get an enjoyable experience by capturing images and using replicas of balls and clubs that have marked the course of golf.

Except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the organization opens its doors with permanent exhibitions on the evolution of golf and those deserving members. This gives you a unique destination to enjoy a luxurious and championship holiday.